Preparing For An Appointment

First Appointment:

Bring the following items, that apply, to your first appointment:

  • Copy of investment/brokerage statement(s)
  • Copy of current 401(k) or employer sponsored retirement plans
  • Any prior employer sponsored plans and/existing IRA(s)
  • Life Insurance policy

Account Review (for existing Clients):

  • Be ready to update your advisor with a discussion of your current finances (gross income, value of other investments, value of home/real estate, copies of employer sponsored investment accounts, etc.)
  • Bring any other financial documents you want your advisor to review and assist you with.

Financial Planning Strategy Session (for existing Planning Clients):

When starting the financial planning process, we recommend you bring the following to the meeting:

  • Paystubs or Earnings Statements
  • Statements for all your financial accounts
  • Statements for retirement accounts at work such as 401(k)s, including the list of investments available in the plan
  • Statements for all your bank accounts, including due dates on CDs
  • Statements for credit cards not paid off in the previous month
  • Statements for any other debts, including the interest rates
  • Employer benefit information
  • Information on pension amounts at retirement and cost of living adjustment (COLA)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Tax return for the most recent year
  • Amount spent on expenses
  • Social Security statements
  • Life insurance policies and most recent annual statement for permanent life insurance policies with a cash value

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